I've never been good at answering the question, "So, tell me about yourself". I either overshare (most of the time) or edit out all the good stuff for brevity and end up seeming basic. I believe everyone has an interesting journey that strategically led them to the exact moment in time when they're asked that dreaded question. So, here's my attempt...



TL;DR... Child actor who worked in FM radio until becoming a producer. Won a few advertising awards and then transitioned into creative operations and design management. Southern California born and raised but the Bay Area is home.

ONCE UPON A TIME...  Began my professional career as a child actor landing roles in film, television, commercials and theater productions. At the age of 15, I accepted a part-time job as a board operator for a radio station in my hometown of Palm Springs, California. I quickly discovered an untapped talent because I was soon hosting my own shows on FM radio where I had to balance high school life with evolving my skill set in radio broadcasting. My responsibilities in radio expanded while I was working on a higher education, I held roles like Production Director, Imaging Producer and Assistant Music Director.

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I continued my radio career while also taking freelance tv production jobs, I consciously let the acting opportunities fade into the back. I eventually spent more time working behind the camera than in front of it. My list of Producer / Director credits include national television commercials and cable shows for HGTV, CMT and a pilot for MTV. After college, I accepted a staff position as a Production Manager for the internal creative agency at a global direct response advertiser responsible for launching new consumer brands into retail. That opportunity introduced me to product + brand marketing and allowed me to work alongside  legendary talent like Joan Rivers, Ed McMahon, Mr. T, and Carol Channing to name just a few. I later served as an Executive Producer and Lead Project Manager for the largest direct response creative agency in North America where I was responsible for multi-million dollar production budgets. Several of my broadcast spots were nominated for awards through the Electronic Retailing Association, I took home three of those awards for my brand work with ORECK Vacuums and Comcast Xfinity Home.


Producer / Director for ORECK brand marketing

Directing a shoot w/ David Oreck, founder of ORECK vacuums

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My uniquely diversified experience working on creative teams within both the client and agency environment provides me the optics to optimize and scale creative teams. I partner closely with creative talent and leadership to build systems, processes and infrastructure that allow creatives to be creative.


Lead, Creative Services

WB Interactive / Games

Manager, Creative Ops

Walmart, Inc.

When I'm not stuck in back to back Zoom meetings, I enjoy gaming, photography and getting lost in nature. I also like animals more than people, but I digress ;)