about dylan:

At the age of 15 he was hired to work as a board operator at a Southern California radio station, where he remained employed while finishing high school. Dylan was soon hosting his own on air shows and eventually served as Production Director, Imaging Producer / Director and Assistant Music Director. His afternoon drive-time show on Power Radio was rated #1 by Nielson (formerly Arbitron)

Dylan began his professional career as a child actor within films, television shows, commercials and theater productions. 

Dylan developed an appreciation for the work happening behind the scenes during his experience as an actor working on production sets. He began to accept freelance production jobs after graduating high school and spent more time working behind the camera than in front of it. While he was balancing a career in both radio and television production, Dylan was cast as the voice over artist for a national television advertising campaign. This was his first exposure to television advertising. The success of that campaign led Dylan to become the voice over artist for several other television advertising campaigns. Each of these voice over projects gave him a greater peek into the world of advertising. In 2001, Dylan was awarded his first staff position as a Production Manager for the internal creative agency at a global company. Today, he continues to produce and manage advertising content and held the titles of Project Manager, Account Manager, Producer, Director, Line Producer, Senior Producer, Executive Producer and Supervising Producer

Dylan is a civil / human / animal rights activist, as well as an Earth advocate and proud volunteer at many non-profit organizations. He is married to the love of his life. When Dylan isn't working, he enjoys exploring nature, photographing iconic tv / film locations and relaxing in Kaua'i

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